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India Tax

This country has got a well structured and simplified taxation system, wherein an authoritative segregation has been done among the Central Government, the different State Governments as well as the Local Bodies. The Department of Revenue under the Government of India's Ministry of Finance is solely responsible for the computation of tax. This department levy taxes on individuals or organisations for income, customs duties, service tax and central excise. However, the agriculture based income taxes are levied by the respective State Governments.

Capital Gains Tax

Payable on the capital gains that are received after the asset sales, this tax is a direct tax levied by the Central Government of India.

Corporate Tax

Levied by the India Government, this type of direct tax involves the payment of tax by the companies based within the Indian Republic on their worldwide income.

Service Tax

This tax is computed on some specific services, which are provided in the country. The tax is levied at 10 % rate with an additional education cess at the rate of 2 %.

Custom Duty

Governed as per the Customs Act, 1962 as well as the Customs Tariff Act, 1975, the imported goods in this nation attract basic and additional custom duty.

Personal Income Tax

This tax in the Indian Republic includes every kind of income, which is computed and levied by the Union Government. The income from agriculture is not levied or collected by the India Government though.

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